Sunday, August 23, 2009

Handmade wiccan corner shop

DUE to some of my tubies i am going to be adding my items here on my blogger page.
this will take some time to do so please be patient . thank you :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Witchs stuff

Ever wounder how someone can have so much stuff and find places to put it all.
i just recently moved ALL my witchy things down stairs , and i'm still finding stuff i didn't know i had..... maybe one of these days i'll have a garage sale for all my witchy things and see if anything goes. that will get everyones mouths dropping, "did you know tammy's a witch " woohooo ;> i say .

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Book of Shadows

The book of shadows is one neat book to have , like all journals a witch writes all her thoughts ,spells,herbs,mixes , ect into it. lots of witches have a second book for dreams or herbs.
I am not like most witches because i have to many books to write in , i try one and find another and write in my thoughts in all.
I even now have one for a friend and i to do up together, i started puting some things into this B.O.S and we together have done these things and add even more stuff. the next thing i would really like to show her is a ritual, made simple and easy. She told me she would also like to learn spells , with most rituals a spell can be cast.
The book of Shadows is always present at the witches side.

Monday, June 8, 2009

June 8th Incense

Incense has been around for thousands of years , from the day fire started a ember of sap.
What makes incense to attracting and relaxing , i have been waiting so long to make this powered stick that i had no idea it was so easy to make, but finding the right places that sold the items was not easy. Living in a small town saskatchewan there where no places like this here , so i drove to the city and went looking for a store.
finding one down on broadway I went in a took a chance .
The lady who owned it was very helpful , and gave me some good tips , and the tools to make
my first incense. so buying $25.00 worth of matterials , i went home to try my hand at making this wonderful scent...
My list:
a package of charcoal bricketts
a package of frankincense resin
a package of prairie sage
a package of copal resin
so i started with the prairie sage , a mixture of sage , lavender,ceder, and other things.
mixed them , grinded and smashed. until i got a small round ball i could put on a lite charcoal.
i placed it on and watched at the herbs smoldered and a wash of fragrent smoke hit me.
So in order to make more incense i went back many times to try my hand at making differnet kinds and which kinds went together.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My FNwiccan videos

Well i started making videos in my third trimester, i think i was 7months then, i still worked then and had my salon. i got the idea from other witches on youtube i had to try as well but i wanted to do something differnet , so instead i thought why don't i teach ppl how to do things.
like making incense, and salt dough and anything else i can do.... show them what to look for when you go to secondhand stores, kind of an eagel eye type of video.
I try to do them when ever my son lets me, or when im not tired. being a mother and a practicing witch takes alot out of you.

things i would like for my new videos:

*showing how to setup your altar.
*making dough tiles and figures for your altar
*making spell mixtures
*showing a ritual
*making your self a cheep cape or rod.

and so on , if theres anything you would like me to show just let me now , and i'll see if i can do it up for you.
Itry to do the best i can with explaining myself , but theres so much to talk about i never do get it threw.
oh well

Blessed be )O(


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First Nation Wiccan - Spiritlady

I'm here to post up just some random stuff about my path as a native wiccan , seeing how theres not that many around , here in Saskatchewan , i have come across three others who follow the path of wicca (witchcraft) and im woundering if anyone else out there is one as well .

Where to start .... well i grow up in a small town saskatchewan and have been here all my life married and have started a family now, 30 yrs later i am finally free of pretending my life was anything different. i have studied wicca for 11yrs now and reading is what i like to do. So i try and find many books on the subject. be it herbs , spells, tools, setting up altars and so on, i have been seeking out a student and found one in a friend who shares the same interest. so i am teaching her as best i can.

There are so many similarities with the two "religions" that its easy to see. being first nations there was atime when a wiseman would look into a fire or look at a piece of scorched antler and
tell the hunters where the game will be. sweat lodges , the vision quest , and so on where ways of finding things out about yourself , smudging before these things was to purify you and get rid of all negitivity on you. calling to the great spirit for guidence and asking mother earth for good food and healing plants to grow , was a naatural way for my people to live. giving offerings to them was always done. and when going to see a elder in a near by "village" giving a offering to him or her was something we always have done as well.

So i wounder where it all came from.......