Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First Nation Wiccan - Spiritlady

I'm here to post up just some random stuff about my path as a native wiccan , seeing how theres not that many around , here in Saskatchewan , i have come across three others who follow the path of wicca (witchcraft) and im woundering if anyone else out there is one as well .

Where to start .... well i grow up in a small town saskatchewan and have been here all my life married and have started a family now, 30 yrs later i am finally free of pretending my life was anything different. i have studied wicca for 11yrs now and reading is what i like to do. So i try and find many books on the subject. be it herbs , spells, tools, setting up altars and so on, i have been seeking out a student and found one in a friend who shares the same interest. so i am teaching her as best i can.

There are so many similarities with the two "religions" that its easy to see. being first nations there was atime when a wiseman would look into a fire or look at a piece of scorched antler and
tell the hunters where the game will be. sweat lodges , the vision quest , and so on where ways of finding things out about yourself , smudging before these things was to purify you and get rid of all negitivity on you. calling to the great spirit for guidence and asking mother earth for good food and healing plants to grow , was a naatural way for my people to live. giving offerings to them was always done. and when going to see a elder in a near by "village" giving a offering to him or her was something we always have done as well.

So i wounder where it all came from.......

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  1. "So I wonder where it all come from..." Good words. I believe (and this is just my belief)it all came from superstition and fear. In the earliest of time humans knew there were great powers but they did not understand. They knew food grew from the earth when it was hot and the sun shown high and food dissapeared when it was cold and the trees lost their leaves. Not understanding they came to veiw the sun, moon stars, trees, earth and so on, as living ancients (deities) that they named and designed primitive rituals to appease the ancients. When storms came the ancients were angry when the hunt or crops were good the ancients were happy. The festivals were designed to thank or praise the ancients or to ask forgiveness. This practice became our Pagan heritage (Native, Witchcraft and such)and then it was turned into a type of religion. The more educated mankind became the more advanced the beliefs and then man created the organized or chritian religion.
    The one common belief of ages is that there is a power greater than all existence. Don't you think so? I mean, Religion of anykind is still just a belief system created by humans.
    I got this from many discovery, history channels and books. Scientist or discovering more of the true history of mankind everyday.