Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My FNwiccan videos

Well i started making videos in my third trimester, i think i was 7months then, i still worked then and had my salon. i got the idea from other witches on youtube i had to try as well but i wanted to do something differnet , so instead i thought why don't i teach ppl how to do things.
like making incense, and salt dough and anything else i can do.... show them what to look for when you go to secondhand stores, kind of an eagel eye type of video.
I try to do them when ever my son lets me, or when im not tired. being a mother and a practicing witch takes alot out of you.

things i would like for my new videos:

*showing how to setup your altar.
*making dough tiles and figures for your altar
*making spell mixtures
*showing a ritual
*making your self a cheep cape or rod.

and so on , if theres anything you would like me to show just let me now , and i'll see if i can do it up for you.
Itry to do the best i can with explaining myself , but theres so much to talk about i never do get it threw.
oh well

Blessed be )O(


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  1. Yep It's Me! Your Stalker!
    I love your videos. You do what many of us can't and thats teach. I left you a comment on YouTube. Check it out and my blogs.
    I know there is one aspect of The Craft that is confusing to newcomers. I have been doing this for years but I can't do videos. Not star material.
    Circle casting. Step by step how to on setting up a ritual circle, calling quarters and the full show. This will give a lot of the newbies the right direction to proceed in. Many can develope their own style once they learn the basics. KylaPheonix is good at the ritual style but a video that will show the full circle and how to proceed into the ritual as a solitary would be amazing.
    Kiss Aiden for GaiaWindwalker aka(Gypsysquaw), he is adorable and I hope I hear from you.